Catholic Galena, IL

Elyse Keeffer and Olivia Kropp pose with Sister Mary Elizabeth, one of the speakers at the conference in 2018.  She spoke at the womens' breakout session about discerning God's plan.


Youth Ministry Mission Statement:

To guide teens on a life long journey to know, love, and serve Jesus while continuing to grow as disciples in his Catholic community.

Youth Ministry Prayer:
Response: St. Mary, St. Michael & Holy Trinity, pray for us.    
To guide our teens: response
To guide our teens on a life-long journey: response
To guide our teens to know, love & serve Jesus: response
To guide our teens to be disciples in Jesus Catholic community: response
To guide our teens: response

 Elyse Keeffer and Olivia Kropp  joined friends from East Dubuque, Freeport and Fulton at the Steubenville Youth Conference in St. Paul, MN July 27-29, 2018.  Many thanks to the Catholic Daughters and Knights of Columbus for supporting them on this incredible retreat. 

Steubenville Youth Conference 2017

Steubenville North July 29, 2017