Catholic Galena, IL




Marriage Encounter Weekends
“No Servant can serve two masters…” 
Does your Marriage reflect modern secular values or God’s plan for life and love? A Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend can help keep your Marriage Christ centered. Early registration is highly recommended. For more information visit our website at or call 888-574-5653.

Sinsinawa News
For information on all events, please call 608-748-4411 or visit


St. Michael Church
To show your support for pro-life, please take one a boycott letter. They can be found at the entries to our church. Take the letter, sign your name and mail it to the proper address. Your voice can make the difference in a baby’s life!

Prayer Requests
If you know of anyone who is in the hospital or anyone who is ill and would like the clergy to come visit or for the parishioners to pray for them, please call the St. Michael office or e-mail

United Churches of Galena - Food Pantry
The United Churches of Galena have a community food pantry located on Gear St. at the Galena State Bank branch. Click on these links for more information: on their dates that they will be open and FAQ's about their services.