Catholic Galena, IL

St. Mary Altar & Rosary Society

Last meeting of the year was enjoyed by all with games following a lovely meal.

The Altar and Rosary Society is a volunteer organization of the Church of Saint Mary of Galena, Illinois to assist the Pastor in the various works and activities of the Parish.


  1. To supplement the works and activities of the parish.

  2. To promote the spiritual well being of the members of the parish.

  3. To assist the parish in providing for accessories needed for the altars,and other items for the beauty of the various Liturgies.
  4. To provide financial assistance for the Parish through various fund raising projects.
  5. To provide social recreation for its Members and the Parish.

Meetings are held the first Monday after the first Sunday of the month at 7:00PM in Bally Hall.  
Officers are:  President - Elly Renner, VP - Kay McIntyre, Secretary - Bernadette Spurr, Treasurer - Mary Jobgen

St. Michael Altar & Rosary Society

The purpose of the Altar & Rosary Society is to provide for the beauty and needs of the Sanctuary as a duty of faith and love, and to cooperate with the Pastor in carrying out various programs necessary for the welfare of the parish.
The ARS is the hospitality for the parish. Meetings are held the second Monday of the month at 7:00 PM in Dolan Hall. 
Officers are: President - Patti Hoefer, VP - Ginger Eisbach, Secretary - Barb Smith and Treasurer - Maria Altfillisch

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