Catholic Galena, IL

Catholicism has the power to change your life.  Would you like to better understand and put to use the power of your Catholic faith?   Then please come join other adults to learn more about our Catholic faith and to discuss your experiences of it.

 Each year we do something new.  For the 2017-2018 year, Catholicism for Adults will focus on six individuals who have each had a major impact on our Catholic faith and the world at large.  They are true heroes of the Catholic tradition.  These six people, each in their own way, have demonstrated the good, the true, the beautiful and the joyful​ in our Catholic faith. These six people are: 

    1.        ST. FRANCIS of ASSISI, the Reformer:  literally lived as Jesus commanded to transform the Church. He embraced poverty, the poor and the beautiful world that God has given us.

   2.        ST. THOMAS AQUINAS, the Theologian:  demonstrated that faith and reason are not at odds, as they come from the same source.

   3.        ST. CATHERINE of SIENA, the Mystic: gave testimony to the spiritual dimension here and beyond.  Although she was an uneducated young woman, she was able to obtain an audience with the Pope and she strongly encouraged him to stop residing in Avignon, France and to return to Rome.  And then the Pope did move back to Rome!

   4.        BLESSED JOHN HENRY NEWMAN, the Convert: left a prestigious position in his mid-40s to become a Catholic and to live and preach the Catholic faith. Called the “Father of Vatican II” because of his great influence on the council.

   5.        G.K. CHESTERTON, the Evangelist: publicly, humbly and humorously announced the paradoxes and truth of Christianity in his extensive writings, both fiction and nonfiction. Also a convert to Catholicism.

   6.        MICHELANGELO, the Artist, through his paintings and especially his statues, revolutionized art and demonstrated that beauty and creativity are a primary route of access to God.

 There will be one session devoted to each of these six people. Then there will be a seventh session in January.  At this final session, we will have breakfast together and share how during the Advent season we each attempted to grow closer to God by reflecting on, and learning from, one or more of these six amazing Catholics.

 The first session is on September 16th and the last session is on January 20th. There is a long break in the sessions starting with the beginning of Advent (December 3) and ending on the last session on January 20th.  A full schedule of dates and topics can be found on this website under “CATH-ADULTS SCHEDULE.”

We will use videos in our sessions that were developed by, and feature, Bishop Robert Barron.  Bishop Barron is an acclaimed author, speaker and theologian.  Among his many accomplishments is the highly regarded “Catholicism” series.  Before becoming a bishop, he was the Rector of, and a professor at, Mundelein Seminary.

 The videos are beautifully done, and have been filmed on location in Rome, Paris, London, Florence, Oxford and other places.  The videos will serve as a springboard for discussion and reflection. 

We will meet on Saturday mornings in the St. Mary Church basement (Bally Hall) from 9:00 am to 10:30 am. 

These are stand-alone sessions.  So, if you miss one or more sessions, you can always go to the next one and it will be perfectly understandable.

John Scott will lead this year’s program.  He is a parishioner who has led this program for the past two years.  He has also has served as a catechist at St. Mary's and St. Michael's for the past 11 years.

We will have free coffee, juice, donuts and cookies.  The program and handouts are also free.

In addition to the free handouts, there are two books available for purchase about these six amazing Catholics:  “CATHOLICISM: The Pivotal Players Study Guide” and “Praying with the Pivotal Players.”  You do not need either of these books for this program.  However, in order to learn even more about these fascinating people, you might possibly want to purchase one of these books at the beginning, during or at the end of this program.  We will have copies of these two books available at the first and subsequent sessions so you can take a look at them and decide whether you want to purchase one.

To sign up or for more information about this year’s program, please contact John Scott at or 773-610-4385 or Heidi O’Shea at or 815-541-4528.  Please feel free to text.  While we encourage you to sign-up, walk-ins are also most welcome.